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Diana Ross Space Cowgirl Illustration Print

The star of this illustration, Diana Ross, is a legendary multitalented singer and actress. In addition to her flourishing career of being a performer, Diana Ross has also been deemed a style icon. Ross's looks dating all the way back to the 70's still serve as inspiration to fashion girlies today. Along with her record-breaking albums, Ross's fashion choices will live on forever - especially the iconic cowgirl outfit, complete with floor-length fringe and a larger than life hat, illustrated in this piece. 

For an outfit so camp I felt that only an equally campy background would be appropriate. In the Diana Ross Space Cowgirl print Ross stands tall on the rings of a planet looking over her whimsical, dreamy outer space world, including a shimmering disco ball moon and dangling flower vines growing from nearby planets. 

The Diana Ross Space Cowgirl illustration print is sized 8.5 x 11 inches, printed on 30% recycled cardstock and packaged in 100% recycled protective envelopes.

Diana Ross Space Cowgirl Illustration Print
Diana Ross Space Cowgirl Illustration Print

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