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Eartha in the Sky with Ribbons Framed Poster

"Eartha in the Sky with Ribbons" is an original digital illustration print by Jurnfern Art, inspired by a photo of performer and style icon Eartha Kitt.
Eartha Kitt, born in South Carolina in 1927, was a legendary singer, dancer, and style icon. She became publicly known first for her extensive career performing with dance troupes, singing in nightclubs, acting in feature films, and even appearing on Broadway.
However, Kitt was known just as much for her style as she was for her work on the stage and the screen. Her attire was defined by bold risk, like sporting loud animal prints in the 60s before it was popular. And her dance activewear ignored the full coverage standards of the time. Embracing her love for fashion and her position as a trendsetter, Kitt labeled herself the "the original material girl". Kitt's wardrobe reflected her glamourous and fearless personality. She's even considered one of the first Black sex symbols.
Being a young adult in a socially and politically pivotal time, Kitt did not shy away from speaking on major issues. She even risked her successful career to publicly criticize the Vietnam War. She's also spoken about the unique an difficult experience of growing up mixed race.
This illustration titled Eartha in the Sky with Ribbons is inspired by a photo of Eartha Kitt striking a graceful pose. In the piece, I placed Kitt on a whimsical grassy platform suspended in air by two larger than life ribbons.
The "Eartha in the Sky with Ribbons" framed poster features a white frame and comes in sizes 12x16" and 18x24"

Eartha in the Sky with Ribbons Framed Poster
Eartha in the Sky with Ribbons Framed Poster

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